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Maintenance Parts Bin Customer Testimonials

Note: Contact Information For Customers Is Only Available By Request And With Permission From The Customer.


Ryan Arnup

Engineering Manager

Maintenance Parts Bin is ideal for our situation, being very remote with a large fleet of various marine and land based machinery and limited logistical resources. Some parts can take up to 3 months delivery and various parts are high consumption whilst others low, with large cost differences. We introduced Maintenance Parts Bin to ensure parts stocks are at their optimum level - never run dry and never overstocked. What we use it for now is a different story. The support has been second to none (and sometimes almost instant!) as options were added to the program to suit our requirements perfectly which was mainly different re-order calculations to battle logistical boundries. It is difficult to find a product with this level of after sales support. Maintenance Parts Bin is a very flexible product and super simple to use, we even use it in another language. As a result we have reduced “dead money” from overstocking, reduced expenses, reduced downtime. Not just being limited to parts control, I can quickly and easily manipulate the data and use it for budgeting forcasts, project estimations, even as a diagnostic tool for fleet maintainence and project planning. We planned on creating a position for a stock controller but that position became redundant after Maintenance Parts Bin was in place.

A 5 star product with 5 star support.


Jeff Siemens

Maintenance Manager

Yes, I am very satisfied with the product.I would be more than happy to be contacted by e-mail by potential customers as your software has been a great tool for inventory control for what has grown to be a $60 million + tomato paste production facility owned by one of, if not THE worlds largest farmers; The J.G. Boswell Company. (I have to admit trying other software, but find Maintenance Parts Bin the most user friendly and customizable). I would be more than happy to give my testimonial of how your software has simplified and organized our extensive inventory of spare parts in an extremely fast paced industry. Our facility processes around 750,000 tons of fresh tomatoes annually, producing approximately 220 to 250 million lbs. of concentrated paste in about a three and a half month season. The rest of the year is spent rebuilding the hundreds of pumps, gearboxes, conveyors, specialized aseptic equipment, sterilizers, etc. The ability to create multiple databases, separating processing areas, and custom tailoring each to the special needs that area has, is of great value as a time saving device, but more so as an insurance policy for parts accessibility & quick repairs in the event of equipment failure. Downtime during production can cost in the range of $60,000.00 per hour - An obscure O-ring with a value of less than 50 cents, if not on hand can literally cost the company $100,000.00+The ability for my staff of 12 mechanics, electricians and instrument technicians, as well as myself to easily import cost data from Excel spreadsheets formatted from the fields of our Purchase Orders, check parts in and out, locate spares (each department has multiple locations where parts are stored), get order reminders, as well as provide images of the part or its location on a piece of equipment makes Maintenance Parts Bin an integral part of our Operations & Maintenance Department.I had also begun implementing Maintenance Parts Bin in our factory's personal protective equipment stocking system last season. This significantly reduced the unexpected shortages of vital protective gear and was an integral part of reducing our lost time incidents by 50% from the previous season.I use it. I like it. It works.


Jim Knox

We are a Calibration and Repair Facility and needed a simple program to track our parts. I have looked at several programs for our parts database and Maintenance Parts Bin(MPB) was right out of the box very close match to our needs. Mostly we need to provide often replaced parts such as fuses, batteries, and lamps or parts to our ageing often abused test equipment operating.

Maintenance Parts Bin is easy to use and has tons of features that we most likely never need(most inventory cost features). Really like the ability to attach documents and pictures to individual records. The import from Excel works well in fact I don't enter in new parts individually. We use an Excel speadsheet and the information from the new is entered into the spreadsheet ,reviewed and periodically imported. Search on text feature allows us to find parts that have similar features that may interchange such as knobs or cross references like ECG or NTE for semiconductors. The quick search is great for reviewing the same type of part different values like resistors, capacitors or zeners.
You can create as many databases as needed for different purposes and rename the field names. Have considered using to create a database for tech/service manuals and a database of equipment/tools that are often loaned to other departments.
I have nothing but commendations for the support. Found several problems after the last major revision, but the support was immediate and very helpful. Emails were answered within hours and often the problem was researched and changes were made within a day.
We entered approx. 5000 items into the database and the only negative found is a text search can take awhile, but not excessively long when the database is large. Jim Knox


David Siddall

Very pleased with Maintenance Parts Bin and would recommend it to anyone, have not found any issues with it at all, great product


I haven't had any issues with the product that I needed help with.

I have a repair business and use Maintenance Parts Bin to inventory parts.

Nice program.